Why this church?

I have created this church in order to provide a complete solution to the troubles of humankind on psychological, spiritual and physical levels. This Church will provide a complete framework within which the human mind and spirit may be rekindled into one of ethics, deep happiness and unity, while the external world of man is reshaped without material want and cleansed of pollution using new science. All will be redeemed. The entire of the human mind has been assembled incorrectly so as to serve authoritarian ends, rather than the elevation of our gentle race. The human being is potentially a higher being. Spiritual practice has been profoundly corrupted. Spiritual abilities are basic within the human mind and can again be brought to the fore within man, and his warring spirit and deep guilt changed to free him. The age of human want and misery is over. I have found the science and spiritual practice which is the better pathway for humankind, and so, I will rightly state that the Church of Life will create for you: a new world.

The age of human want and misery––has ended.

I give unto you: The Church of Life.

Personal background and opening remarks:

It may be helpful to place the testimony presented here, which is quite dramatic, in some prior biographical context. I was a musician and moved to the woods to recreate myself. I am of Jewish descent, and was an atheist. I first discovered a hint of these ideas and their worth, in the aftermath of having devised a method of psychoanalysis, and healed myself of a neurosis. Soon afterward, I discovered my world had changed, now all was filled with sexuality that was previously repressed, and the entire of intellectual life blossomed with ease for me. I taught myself physics, neuroscience and other sciences, and also began to write literature. Soon, physics ideas, answers to complex problems would simply jump into my head as I would walk. It was impossible! I found a bit of confidence, and went to look for physicists to see if I was right, and indeed, I was! Information was somehow being received. This was my first hint of spirituality. It was unnerving and exhilarating all at once. How did I know these things? Always wishes played a part in summoning the answers, and that means unconscious processes: Freud’s “primary process.” The rules governing the primary process, are akin to quantum ideas.

I soon derived psychology to help people. It was clear they needed it. The world is in terrible shape! We seem to have lost our way, war looms, weapons and planes poison us, natural disaster is being stoked with technology, and cruelty is the norm in governmental policy and human interactions. The world is cruel and entirely ill. My psychology was right for the job, but no one understood it. I needed access to the unconscious, the primary process to reshape the mind of man along loving, empathetic lines.

To my utter surprise, there was soon revealed to me a way to help this earth and its peoples, just as I was myself then aided, and indeed, that discovery presented as the most natural way we should all be as humans, an aspect of what is now unconscious functioning which was long ago, quite rightly, conscious indeed! Spirituality is an endemic basis functionality within healthy mentation which presents as a semi-hallucinatory overlay of experience (representing the early basis of forward thinking mentation). The repression of these basis states is a basic error deeply harmful to modern man, and these processes are in fact a wellspring of intellect, empathy, ethics, creativity, and most of all: New Health. By engaging and utilizing this basis function and creating spiritual states and interactions along specific lines, the primary process becomes accessible as in the testimony below, and so, archetypal epigenetic structures may be used as in Jung, to heal entire wounds and broken worlds at a single stroke. It is this, which is needed. This is the shift which will recreate the broken animal that is man. The entire of my functional psychology may be reduced to three words in this way, and become immediately accessible to do needed work. I have begun this project for one reason: It is entirely necessary. This framework based within empathy, this is the way humans must evolve.

Within each second, within the very fabric of time and each precious thing, she is there. Nothing is separate. You are never alone. Each act of being, each parcel of experience is an act of love within faith.