Why has the human experiment gone so badly wrong?

In simple terms please think of the mind as divided between an unseen theatre called the unconscious, and the conscious world we see. The way the world we perceive gains its positive or negative quality is not so much due to the world itself, but more so by how we unconsciously give it “feeling tone.” Think of how if you are in love, the same ordinary sights seem completely changed and become beautiful, suddenly all is beauty and you are in heaven! Click here for information concerning transference and sublimation. The many chemicals released which create the euphoric state of being in love, and the nerves firing in concert with those chemicals are doing so, as an energetic function of what is known as libido in neuropsychoanalysis and depth-psychology. See the work of Solms, Panksepp, and sections concerning consciousness and libido from this work. Libido is the basis of love and sexuality and is the fundamental life energy responsible for why we are conscious at all, and so, it is how libido is invested into reality which produces the experience of this world as heaven, or does not.

That primary libido stems freely from the care and early relations with the mother until super-ego (morality based conscience) is formed. Then, the mother’s love, which unconsciously flows to create the world as heaven, is shut off. The flow of needed energy is then only temporarily returned for a moment, if one obeys authority, obeys the father as projected into the world and state. One is forced away from the mother’s love, and only obedience to the father or authority as you feel it’s judgement within your mind returns your rights to love, and be in heaven. You have been tricked, and controlled. The basis of ethics is empathy, not obedience! Heaven, is now.

We give unto you, your rights to be secure and loved and so return unto you, your place within this heaven.

You may love her, and be loved.