This heaven: to love deity

We offer you heaven, now.  There is circuitry in the human brain associated with being in love which is triggered to enrich experience.  Think of how the same ordinary walk you take looks to you, once you are in love.  Nothing is the same, the pathway seems filled with wonder as you dream beneath your thoughts of your beloved, her beauty and body, her spirit and form seem to paint the world anew, now thick with voluptuous warmth and wonder, leaves seem to be stroked by an unseen hand of tenderness, the sun rich and full, the scent of each moment’s spending seems of perfume…yes, the world changes entirely to be in love.  Each moment nurtured and warm, sustained sweetly by an unseen dream.

But people, are difficult and distant…and love is rocky at best between humans.  Even so, all agree: The state of being in love if it is returned, is heaven.

If you follow the practices outlined in this teaching, you may fall in love, find heaven is yours and discover that each moment has become perfect, full and sacred––by loving deity…for she is within you.  Gaia, will love you.

The world will become a dream swept in the light of warmth and sweetness, which only she can provide.  Each tender shoot of green will become your child, and all the fertile earth might be part of your being. The beauty of the archetypal perfect female form will enrich all things you perceive.  We are full, and wealthy beyond any other humans, for we have her.  Each second, is heaven.

As we love her, we are then connected: Higher Being.

Through her, I do feel you.  You are never alone.

How tender the moments nurtured within our hearts, beating warm and rich, as one?

We do love you.