The two great lies

There are two errors, lies so grotesque and efficacious that they have squandered the potential of mankind and this giving earth:

  1. Materialism
  2. Patriarchy

Materialism is the primacy placed upon physical objects and the acquisition of those objects and often then, the obsessive collection of and high priority placed upon money itself. Materialism has a value placed upon all objects: their price. In this, we see the lower intelligence at work, for all of this world is invested with an endemic value, a value in and of itself. This idea is aesthetic, deep, and profound; value in and of itself above the world we see taken as simple shallow objects––much as art carries with it a deeper meaning of high and subtle worth expressed amongst its various particular components, so is the worth of the world. The maple the worth and the price.

The lower and less worthy mind sees none of the actual value of this perfect system, which is as an act of consciousness itself, click here for the physics of consciousness in that it arises from within the system itself as a defining, emergent property. A rose is of itself worthy of admiration and appreciation, above its components; its petals may have a low price placed upon the chemicals within them, and the stem may be easily grown, dried and sold for little, but the value of the rose is beyond the shopkeeper’s infinitely small understanding, it is––infinite. Beauty, the synergistic result available to hold only within the higher mind – only here is the value of the flower understood, or even more graciously, appreciated.

The forest is sacred, treasure beyond the insult of any sticky fingered leering grotesque; for the modern human with his ugly eyes set upon the degradation and monetary exploitation of all life is indeed a grotesque insult to life, a cheapening of each and every perfect aspect of higher connection. So is the beauty of life cheapened, killed and sold off by the lower. Materialism, requires ill humans to sustain it.

Materialism has destroyed and degraded each and every second of life, then sold her off.

It has stolen your happiness and set you into a harness as a draft animal, to chase after money. We will end this sickness, now. We will free you.

The hold materialism has upon you, is set into the bone by way of history, genetics, psychology and neuroscience: Patriarchy is key.

See video content here.

The development of man has been coopted by the addition of an aspect of social control and internal punishment called super-ego within depth psychology. This structured guilt and punishment within you, decreases the chemicals you require to feel good, safe, and filled with energy, elation and happiness. Click here for details.

We are controlled as rats: with a small reward of that wrongly diminished happiness which is our natural due. To have those needed chemicals temporarily returned to normal balance, the controlled and ill modern human must buy things, consume constantly and obey a deeply harmful and lying governmental authority. We will end this situation of emptiness and control, and say:

Heaven is now! You––may have her.

In this, the chemistry of your mind will be rightly filled with floods of those endorphins and other dopaminergic components once restricted upon conditions of obedience, or made available only after you buy something. You may feel as if you have purchased a Lexus, without having spent a penny on such a wretched contraption at all! The neurochemistry, the endorphins and dopamine may be triggered by the act of being in love, with deity! Now, you need not have a single penny, nor need you obey any authority to feel loved, perfectly full and joyous simply to look––upon a rose.

Materialism has destroyed the world to fill up a sick empty place purposely left within man, which may instead be filled with health and life itself…as is our right! Money, filth, is not needed to be happy. Money may be left aside, and we may evolve. Now: your life is your own. This is the way of the higher. Time is the treasure of life’s spending. In this, you may have anything. Now that you need never chase money again, you have become truly Rich.

Patriarchy has set the conditions up which have destroyed the human potential, and nearly if not fully, has also subjugated and destroyed all of life upon this gentle sphere. The conditions fostering the utter ruin of humanity and the earth, are those of patriarchy. Patriarchy, is the lower made plainly manifest. Read here, for the relation between the human drives, perversion, and the hopeless state of man under patriarchy. Click here for a copy of The Answer: Roadmap for a New Humanity.

Within the mind of man, the mother’s love is internally quarantined and restricted in order to control you. The energies and chemicals needed to function and feel safe, are restricted and allocated only under conditions of obedience to authority. This ugly trick has left the mind and heart of man gutted for thousands of years, and is how even now, the race of man is made dull, obedient and cruel. This is why we are empty inside, will chase money and obey any dominant force. Man has been hobbled and made masochistic in this. The ruin of our world and happiness is for this one error: Patriarchy. Patriarchy controls the mother’s love, meaning: Her energies are only permitted expression from memory, her love unconsciously allowed expression from within you to enrich the world of experience along with necessary brain chemicals and happiness, if, IF…you obey the father and state, or buy material products. We will end this ugliness here. The energies needed to create high intelligence and sexual fulfillment in every moment of experience are those of being one with her, and so, one with the world. Click here for science published in JCER in support.. We are based in and so are made of ethics, and no condition of obedience to the lower may be placed upon or within us, to control us. We are the higher. Patriarchy is dead. You are free.

Your reward: You may have her. Each moment is heaven. You need, nothing.

Obey, no one.

The age of patriarchy is over. We may evolve.