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The future of mankind is dependent upon Truth. This site is an archive of suppressed science, truth, which holds within its province the end of pollution, human want and subjugation. Some of the following is available as functional science and developed technology that is ready for use without delay, and other ideas are rightly aimed at pathways that have been suppressed, which might be fruitfully developed as specified to regain the lost knowledge and free the race of man from want, internal unhappiness, shortage, disease and pollution.

The existent world governmental structures are bent upon the continued suppression of this factual information, as it will free us from dependence upon them. I present the forbidden information here. In this, all peoples of the world may have that which is their right and due: A Future. Read below, and know:

The age of human want and misery––Has Ended.

The following is presented for informational purposes only, and is not to be construed as medical advice.

My overall analysis and vision for the human race, solutions in the psychological, physical and medical sciences as well as criminal analysis and initial solutions concerning geoengineering:

The Answer: Roadmap for a New Humanity, Richard Lawrence Norman

Hard Copy (On Amazon):

Supplemental written material for The Gathering: Our Human Future––Do Read!

​A condensation concerning geoengineering:

Geoengineering: an unacknowledged source of ozone damage, metallic pollution and neurodegeneration

A beautiful book of verse and photography all will enjoy: The Last Fall

Suppressed science of Benveniste: approach to pharmacology based on informational allocations within aqueous systems (cheap non-toxic drug effects). ETA to functional deployment of an internet based network to provide inexpensive drug information to replace toxic drugs worldwide: (if funded) as little as two to five years. Read below and note: the same effects of a drug are produced by the information associated with its molecular structure, without the presence of the chemical agent from which the information was derived. Implication: Cheap, nontoxic, electromagnetic drug information will replace expensive toxic drugs.

Evidence of effects below:

Quantum Information Medicine: Bit as It—The Future Direction of Medical Science: Antimicrobial and Other Potential Nontoxic Treatments, R. Norman, J. Dunning-Davies, J. Heredia-Rojas, A. Foletti, 2016. July 2016 World Journal of Neuroscience. 6(6):193-207 DOI: 10.4236/wjns.2016.63024

The Science of Ruggero Santilli. Magnecular fuels, hadronic fuels and hadronic chemistry.

It is my opinion that Dr. Ruggero Santilli has contributed more to the future of mankind than any other man in our age. You have likely not heard of him, or, perhaps you have heard the lies spread to suppress this science. I present to you, the functional hope of the race of man…clean burning magnecular fuels created from waste chemicals and sewage. Cheap, and clean burning, with the energetic qualities of gasoline, the fuel actually produces oxygen in the exhaust products remaining after combustion. The Earth need never have a filthy oil well poked into her tender side again! This science is developed, and presently available. The age of pollution and want, is over!

For information regarding R. M. Santilli’s Magnecular fuels and science, see:
Fuels with Magnecular structure, R. M. Santilli:

Santilli’s Hadronic science and chemistry, also could allow for new energy sources with no radiations or pollution at the atomic and particle levels of physical structure. Also, stimulated neutron decay could not only create energy, but also might hold the key to the end of nuclear waste itself.

For information concerning Santilli’s Hadronic Chemistry and associated approaches to clean energy and other vital topics, see:

Foundations of Hadronic Chemistry, R. M. Santilli.


Hard Copy:

The above science is based on the CORRECT neutron structure, that of an electron bound within a proton, not that of quarks! This error within physics is demonstrable, and must be corrected to free mankind of his dependence on oil, coal, and the resultant filthy pollution.

For information concerning the correct internal Neutron structure and implications, see Foundations of Hadronic Chemistry (above) and the following, available at:

Hadronic paradigm reassessed: neutroid and neutron synthesis from an arc of current in Hydrogen gas R. Norman and J. Dunning-Davies, 2017, Hadronic Journal 40, 119-148.

Richard Norman, Anil A. Bhalekar, Simone Beghella Bartoli, Brian Buckley, Jeremy Dunning-Davies, Jan Rak, Ruggero M. Santilli. Experimental Confirmation of the Synthesis of Neutrons and Neutroids from a Hydrogen Gas. American Journal of Modern Physics. Special Issue: Issue III: Foundations of Hadronic Chemistry. Vol. 6, No. 4-1, 2017, pp. 85-104. doi: 10.11648/j.ajmp.s.2017060401.18

The physical sciences are riddled with errors and suppressions designed to limit our race. The following, should have been completed many decades ago. Deadly suppression. This was held by the CIA in secret for many years, presumably gleaned from the work of Tesla, and once released, was released with errors. Correct them, and the dream of Tesla seems within reach, alongside of important corrections to neutrino theory. To complete the theoretical work, one step remains: a stable dis-equlibreated vortical atomic surface must be modeled. How little work need be done to create the dream of Tesla! Cheap, unlimited, clean power!

For new solution to Maxwell’s equations leading to the end of human want, free power, and the repair of neutrino theory: Energy and matter creation: The Poynting Vortex (Hadronic Journal, pre-print) Norman, Dunning-Davies, March 2018 DOI 10.13140/RG.2.2.21002.16329

Arthur Pletcher

The medical sciences are sustained upon a river of blood money. Diseases which can be cured and long have been, such as cancer, sustain this ‘healing industry.’ Many within the system are unaware of the toll of dead bodies and suffering which flows as cash beneath the corpse-raft of medicine. Here are my recommendations concerning two vital avenues of approach: 1. Frequency specific destruction of (pleomorphic) cell (pre-cursor types) to be re-developed from the science of Rife and, 2. functional immediate use of specified cannabis preparations to treat and cure diseases, including cancers (with further scientific study encouraged to further refine current functional techniques). Implications: 1. Diseases of many types may be cheaply cured without drugs in the near future and, 2. Diseases of many types may be cheaply cured using these exact cannabis preparations, now.

For information concerning Rife and cancer, and how to best approach re-derivation of the suppressed cures, see:

1. An open letter regarding Cancer. R. Norman, J. Dunning-Davies.

2. Information concerning the treatment and cheap cure of many diseases including cancers, using the incredible storehouse of evolutionary pharmacopeia available from Cannabis, see:

Future’s Mirror, Norman, Standing Dead publications, O’Brien Or. 2017.

Free version (download this data set, reference version please):’s_Mirror_the_endocannabinoid_system_in_human_pathology

Hard copy on Amazon: