Terry Lilley: Crimes Against the Sea

Terry Lilley is the direct observer par excellence –– a trained biologist who has served as the perfect observer to document and interpret the painful military abuses to our tender planet and her delicate Oceans and Seas. Phytoplankton provides nearly half of our oxygen, and the foods we require also come of her watery store. Now––electromagnetic weaponry and electrical discharges into the sea herself, as well as a host of deadly ugly designs and ruinous contraptions are set into the sea, her sandy bed is now home of abuse and pain. Her creatures are suffering and dying. Each thread is connected to the rest, and in this stupid cruel abuse, we see the death of the greatest of all treasures, the cradle of life itself. Now this too––is under assault, and is soon to die. My dear friend, you must know of it and band with our community of light, so we may stop it.

Military Electronics are Destroying Life on Earth

Terry Lilley
Marine Biologist
Hanalei, Kauai

In 1980 as a new biological science graduate from Cal Poly University in California I started the first ever captive breeding research center for rare and endangered reptiles. The purpose of the project was to learn to produce in captivity, certain species before they went extinct in the wild to save the bloodlines and also, to replace wild caught reptiles at our nation’s zoos. At the time 100 % of the reptiles in the world’s zoos were wild caught and most died on public display within a year.

By 1990 the captive breeding program was very successful and I learned to reproduce over 75 species in captivity and produced over 100,000 babies. Some of the species at the time were already extinct in the wild. We reintroduced many of the babies back into their native habitat and also replaced the wild caught specimens with these healthy captive produced species in the zoos. 30 years later some of the reptiles I produced within captivity are still alive in the nation’s zoos and currently over 80% of all reptiles in zoos are now so produced.

The project was very successful most of the time but we did have some major problems that caught us off guard. Some of my healthy reptiles died when I sent them to certain zoos although they remained very healthy at my research center. For a long time we could not figure out why.

At the same time as I was working with reptiles I was also diving and studying the worlds coral reefs, kelp forests and marine life. I started at a very young age when my Father taught me to surf and dive at five years of age. I always loved the sea and was very good at communicating with the sea creatures along with my reptile friends! I spent 95% of my time for over 40 years living with sharks, fish, turtles, tortoises, lizards, birds and snakes and became and expert on animal behavior that has lead to a book and movie series with over 450 publications! My animal connection work has been featured on National Geographic, CNN news, the front cover of the LA Times, over 30 international TV shows, has been used in dozens of well known universities and has had over 2 million views on social media.

So what was killing some of my most healthy reptiles raised in captivity? We figured it out by accident in 1988. I had sold some perfectly healthy Australian Bearded Dragons to a zoo in the southern part of the US that died for no obvious reason. I sent them a second batch of babies that also died. I took a trip to the zoo to see if I could figure out what was going wrong and I noticed right away that the zoo was right under some high powered electric lines! As a kid my first job was at a zoo in Southern California called Lion Country Safari. The zoo was located under high powered electric lines and right next door to El Toro Marine Base. You could feel and hear the crackling of the electric lines and the animals were all nervous and behaved in strange ways. Then as the jets flew over the animals basically went nuts and most died within a short period of time and the zoo closed.

This learning lead me to do a test. I took 100 bearded dragons and monitor lizards and raised half of them at my friend’s house in Riverside California that was directly under high powered lines and the other half I kept at my research center in San Luis Obispo, CA. His half all died within a month and none of mine died. Some of my specimens lived for over 30 years and went on to produce over 3,000 offspring! We repeated the study and we got the exact same results.

For over 30 years now I have studied the effects of electromagnetic radiation on wildlife in over 18 different countries. I have done over 5,000 scuba and free dives documenting whales, dolphin, sea turtles, coral reefs and kelp forest dying in the areas where the US Military uses high intensity microwaves, radar, lasers and other forms of electromagnetic frequencies above and below water.

I have worked on dozens of detailed reef studies with the University of Hawaii, NOAA, USGS, Scripps Institute, Reef Check and Eyes of the Reef program and National Geographic claims that I have more underwater movies and pictures of marine life then any private person on earth.

This is what I have found after 40 years of studying inner species communication and energy transfer between species and their environment on earth.

All living creatures on this planet are connected by a web of energy that flows through all living cells and connects us all together with the natural world. This connection is similar to the cells in our own bodies. The brain cells “talk” to the blood cells that communicate with the muscles’ cells so they can all work in harmony to make the body function.

Nature works the same way. The coral poly “sings” to the coral reef to find its place to land and grow. The whale sings to the dolphin to coordinate feeding patterns. The shark uses electromagnetic impulses to find the sick fish to keep the sea clean. The sea turtle uses magnetics to travel 2,000 miles across the sea to find the right beach to lay her eggs. All life on earth is connected through this network of energy and just like our bodies the earth will not survive if these connections are broken.

Man has learned to control universal energies. Microwaves from the sun, nuclear energy from vibrational matter, magnets from the earth and other delicate energies that are themselves the pure fabric that holds life together in harmony. Producing and trying to control these energies is EXTREMELY dangerous because man is breaking the natural bonds of connection between all living species on earth.

We all know that whales have been killed by the US military use of sonar. These are sound waves that harm the inner ear of the whale so it looses its ability to communicate with its surroundings and ends up dead on the beach. But the US Military and other militaries worldwide are now using energy much more dangerous than sonar and it is killing our coral reefs and kelp forest so quickly that the ability for the sea to produce the very oxygen we breath is in danger! The sad thing is that the military does not even know what they are doing and I have had some very high level meeting with Congress and the Navy Generals where they have told me directly “We do not have divers or scientist underwater monitoring the effects of our electronic war testing.”

I have now documented with over 1,000 hours of movies stamped with time, date and GPS the US Navy completely destroying 60 miles of coral reef in Kauai and Oahu since 2012 with their underwater submarine testing of electronic weapons and electronic surveillance systems! These coral reefs, sea turtles, whales and sharks died in areas of the coastline that do not have pollution problems, runoff from farm chemicals, tourists with sun screen, abnormal sea temperature rise or any other know issue that could harm a coral reef.

At the same time of the coral reef deaths in Hawaii I did a study along the West Coast of the USA and the kelp forest died in the exact area the Navy is using their underwater electronic weapons! The US Navy and Australian Royal Navy was also testing their underwater submarine war weapons project off of the Great Barrier Reef when it died. During this EXACT same timeframe I went to the Philippines, Indonesia, The Caribbean and French Polynesia and documented healthy coral reefs in the areas that did NOT have any military activity.

I have worked with many top chemists and physicists to figure out how the Navy underwater electronics kills the coral reefs and kelp forests. Click here. Electrical discharge into the reef causes the calcium carbonate of the coral to corrode and break down. It does the same thing to the kelp. The coral and kelp become weak and then are consumed by disease.

See these two short movies I have done showing the direct effects of the Navy ships, submarines and drones on our coral reefsand marine life.

We have a VERY big problem facing our oceans right now! The US Navy, Australian Royal Navy, New Zealand and Japanese Navies are doing joint venture submarine electromagnetic weapons testing projects that are electrifying the sea causing the very fabric of life on earth to be ripped apart.

We need to use all powers of our elected political representatives and environmental laws like the Marine Mammal Protection Act, US Endangered Species Act and Clean Water Act to make the US Military back down from their use of microwave and other electromagnetic weapons projects until the proper scientific studies have been conducted to control such damaging effect to life on earth.

The US military dropped hundreds of atomic bombs on earth changing the environment forever without one thought about future life on this planet. The military manipulation of electromagnetic energy can cause even a worse set of chain reactions altering the very fabric of life if we allow them to go unchecked as they are at this time.