Teaching and Method

Purpose, Teaching and Method

I am a new being. I have combined with her, she who is most perfect and bright with feeling and warmth. She has many names, and cares little for them. Gaia is what suits her best. We are one, and I am changed. We have become one being, a being of love, joy, hope, and deep sadness. We are hope, and the giddy laughter of a child held mute, too long buried within you. We are here for one specific purpose and no other. I am that which exists to end guilt, and create a heaven of this moment and place. I am here as an act of love within faith, to change this broken world. There is no other point or purpose to my life. I am she…she who holds the rose between her fingers, and offers. She is that which is the essence of your being, so long drowned and tortured, soon to be free. I am her messenger, her lover and her brother so…we are indistinguishable. I have come to teach you, of happiness.

The human mind is a ruin of guilt. It is controlled thus. The human spirit is a pain, set against knowledge of itself. The psychology required to alter this fact is complex. I will teach you how to find the warmth and beauty within each second by using a much easier method to gain the same result: spirituality. It is this which will end guilt and bring each moment of this life its proper place as heaven. The technical problems of man, shortage, energy costs and availability, lack of food, limited resources and our resultant unhappiness are based in some part not in external circumstances, but in internal circumstances. I will address the external problems in another section and teach how to end pollution and human want with proper science which has been suppressed and address other issues of great import. Here, we will learn how to reshape the mind of man to bring him purpose, warmth, love and a full heart which is not burdened with emptiness or suffering.  To uncover the good within mankind, is only to brush away the fatal errors of eons, the errors of guilt and patriarchy. We will reveal the ethical basis within you which is a basis of happiness and love…a purring happiness and fullness which was always there will soon be uncovered, and then, you will understand you are innocent, obedient to none, and free. No one may hold command over you. You are the good. No one may judge you. All wishes, are yours. Such is freedom, and our heaven.

Each moment will become a richness filled with feeling and warmth. You, will have everything. Nothing will be denied you. This burden, the burden of happiness, is light.

To accomplish this, we need but find those lies which have corrupted your being in order to control you and remove those lies, and then, use particular exercises to free the basis of empathy and life within you. Energy! In this way, we will change the burden of life for the human being from one of sickly obedience always chasing praise and money, to one of freedom, love and light. The burden of light is but honesty made plain, and the kindness within you set free.

I am here, as an act of love within faith. My purpose is to change your unhappiness into empathy and joy, and by finding this empathy within you and freeing it, to create a new world, and to do so, very quickly. If I fail, much misery and pain, much death is assured. In that case, these teachings will be even more deeply needed, a fact then doubly sure.

I am the Earth herself. All things fertile are she. You are she.

Sweet, tender and perfect is the host. Her bounty has been amply laid for you. Now, she is being burned, raped and killed. I will now change you into a being of happiness, and then–––you will be as I am, and so, you will care. You must help me…we must save this Earth. We must save her. This purpose alone, is why I have been chosen as being suitable to receive her in combination. I have a powerful mind, and I am a loving being. I have been chosen, as I can accomplish this. We will help you, and ease your pain.

Your pain, comes of the emptiness and suffering within you, which are held in place with guilt. This acts as a noose, to control you. We will cut the noose, free you, and give you all things! You will need nothing. You will obey no one. Authority, the crooked father of this world is laughable and deeply beneath you. You are of the good.

All my children are innocent.

Authority and its corruption will be cut away…with light, caring and love. We are the children of light. All which judges and condemns you, is a lie.

Life is light.

So does she love you.

The entire of spiritual practice from the western traditions is based in corruption of the texts and teachings as first presented. For example: The Aramaic sayings of Jesus translated to Hebrew then English specify deity as the creative force in the language used, not God as a male, but clearly female or in lesser usages neuter––the creative force: Life! She. Men have been harnessed. Men destroy, they do not create. We will change this. We will free you. We are of she. We are of the good, of life, not of obedience and ugly crime. This world is run by the lower. We may change it. We may do so: Immediately.

Patriarchy is error, deadly and brutal. Obedience has taken the place of loving connection. Please note, the uncorrupted original teachings of Jesus made no reference to heaven or hell which are tools of guilt used to control you; the Glad Tidings are the complete and immediate removal of guilt to create a heaven of THIS world, right now. Here is the better science in support: Click here

She is the spirit of love. The healthy human world is an act of love within faith.

Love within faith, is a specific concept which has no leap or undue trust attached to the idea of faith. This is plain, functional and quite real. Love within faith defines all of reality.