We are higher beings, beings who are worthy of creation as we are spiritual beings. This is what is needful in order to salvage the broken race of man, which has been kept low, obedient and deeply inferior by way of the guilt placed within and shame placed upon his spirituality. Higher beings are spiritual beings, self-evolving, self-creating beings of beauty based in love. See here for relation of consciousness to affective libido in humans: [see here], and here for the role of empathy in systemic self mediations: [click here, and here].

What then, is spirituality?

Spirituality is that state which is least refusing of feeling, most open and sweetly pouring through with feeling…noting that this feeling to which we refer is that of connection to all things through impression of nurturance which is the source of life. We are one. We are of she. To know that is to know: I am you and this world. How deeply I do love you, and this life! Then once again within that, we can clearly see that each blade of grass and puff of wind is also but myself, and so––I am full and nourished, weeping and filled with her knowledge, for indeed, all is but my own happiness. Note how, it is all but impossible for me to harm another, as they are an extension of my own tender being. Note how I need obey no outside influence, or authority, to KNOW, to immediately FEEL of this connection, feel of heaven within myself… and know what is right. Note how such a state of freedom, has no restriction of feeling, and so––permits approximately a third more energy to power each moment of experience, and so, dramatically increases intelligence. Once I changed these things, I easily learned neuroscience, psychology of several sorts, physics and began to write literature and verse, and also, developed a tender heart and deep feeling for all around me. All that simply from the addition of all feeling into conscious expression with no restrictions. We are based in ethics, once freed it become obvious. This engages the full spiritual functionality inclusive of a semi-hallucinatory overlay of experience, akin to a photographic memory display enriched with the beauty of the ages stored in epigenetic DNA––a spiritual higher state that will now become available to all. We are designed for this heaven. Spiritual beings, are higher beings. We are children of light.

The Water Nymph

John Maler Collier

This beauty and magic has been corrupted for 2000 years or more, to break the race of man under the yoke of guilt and tie his spirituality to the leaden ball of obedience. The children of light are self-evolving beings. It is repellant––repellant––to even conceive of my children being controlled and broken beneath the will of the inferior thus…assuring the complete failure of the human experiment. The very existence of that lowly parasitic authority set upon the tender flesh of my children, is an assault to our higher beings. Vile. The ethical basis and guidance of evolution’s design then broken, to serve the ugly needs of the lower. Click here and here. I will end this subjugation, this prostitution of the higher spirituality, to the lower.

Here and now, we will repair the damage and free the copious energies, intelligence and deep kindness within you. The human race is gentle, sweet and kind.

A being of light unfolds creased wings and begins to understand of worth, warmth and cruelty. For now…we may ascend. Nothing is beyond you. You are safe. We are together.

For you are my child.
––A child of light.