Guillaume Seignac

The Awakening of Psyche
Psyche personifies the human soul as a beautiful woman who was loved by Eros.

Unified personality via endemic archetypal primary process augmentation.

Introductory remarks and general summation:

Freud states the ideal goal of psychoanalysis as: All repressions are to be undone.

The true benefit of these ideas is found in the result of an integrated personality which expresses its empathetic basis through highly energetic libidinal stores which have been liberated. This is accomplished via utilization of what were once repressed wishes so that the valence, presentation and quality of experience is enriched and the ethical basis within humankind revealed and placed into active expression, alongside of the effortless satisfaction of his drives and wishes. In this way, Oedipal repressions and other associated repressions are ended without ego/superego dissonance, the drives’ cathexes then infused into sublimated expression within the perceived world, along lines left for us in maternal neuro-developmental interactivities [1] leaving the world and subject with no existential divide, and ending the conflict between the drives and ethical demands.

Analysis reveals the particulars of exactly how the personality is restructured within the context of epigenetic phylogeny as expressed through repressive systemic mediations. The mechanism of restructuralization is archetypal expression and dynamic interactivity and hence, basis alteration of personality. In this way, the ethical basis of man is placed as an active principle within the very fabric of a perceived world which is unencumbered by repression, and within the affective expressions as reallocated thus, his wishes may be met while encouraging his better nature’s expression.

What is often referred to as “spirituality” is in fact a human ontological perceptual basis state deeply associated with and expressive of the primary process. Wishes for the future expressed in images, are in fact the basis of forward thinking mentation itself. First we must remember the fact which Panksepp revealed [Panksepp, Affective Neuroscience, Oxford Press, 1998] via evolutionary biology as modern human sleep onset and waking systems are both evolutionarily younger than the REM system, necessitating the inference that REM was once a highly affective primary consciousness for our distant ancestors. Such a wish-based systemic foundation as REM is for us, which functions as an hallucinatory expression in modern man each night, is our ordinary expression of the primary process. Hence it should be no surprise that the primary process is to be expressed as a semi-hallucinatory overlay of waking experience: Spirituality. Spiritual states then, offer us access to the basis of man, the primary process, through archetypal expression and interactive reformation. Spirituality is a healthy human basis state which provides us a window into the very mechanisms of transformation and healing, and acts as a tool to accomplish the same. We will examine this interactive restructutralization within insights offered up through epigenetic unconscious theory, and observe the active process as it accomplishes the healthy undoing of the repressions which have fixated the race of man and caused him to turn against himself in pathological repressive instantiations via guilt.

Transference theory and epigenetic-unconscious basis perceptual structuralization.

I will briefly re-state the basics of the theory which can be read in full within the bulk of my work and is also stated in brief in video content concerning human evolution [see The Tangible Self, Repolarization work, The Answer, Truth in Paradigm Dunning-Davies and Norman and others available here:].

The lowering of systemic 5-HT revealed the dependent relationship between 5-HT and repression, see article concerning drugs and violence in The Answer here: insert document pdf. Techniques were developed to circumvent repression and pierce the rUcs (repressed unconscious) [see The Tangible Self, Repolarization work, The Answer, Truth in Paradigm Dunning-Davies and Norman and others available here:]. The discovery upon observation of repressed content was in support of Freud’s notions of unconscious fantasy, and, in support of Panksepp’s observations of the REM system underlying modern cortical conscious mediations as an evolutionary precursor. An unconscious dream is indeed, always present beneath waking experience providing valence to perceptual ontology, in addition to other affective contributors. Said dream, is scripted, along epigenetic/phylogenetic lines, with the penalties of patriarchy as primary pathological contributors. World experience brings the epigenetic/phylogenetic learning of abused ages into the place of a primary affective contributor: super ego is supported thus, as a primary pathological limitation upon evolution and ontology of the human being. Intelligence is limited, ethical development curtailed in place of obedience. The race and the animal of man, gutted and “ham-strung” (deeply limited and made unable) thus. An unconscious act, raised up into active unconscious expression by current world-triggers, keeps the race of man low, obedient, cruel, demonstrably stupid––unhappy in a word––so he may be controlled.

The unconscious dream beneath conscious reality, is an example of the repetition compulsion, man controlled by a low grade neurosis from within by way of an induced homeostatic imbalance. [1] The genetic support which mediates the fantasies in the aforementioned unconscious dream, may be altered to create health, in place of pathology, obedience and weakness. The entire of human perceptual experience, all of his ontological contributions to perceived reality itself may be changed, to redefine the transference, and hence, the subjective world. In this, we see the science of such far flung notions as heaven and ethics made into a succinct tangible specificity. Alpha function circuitry once derived [1], may have its formative triggering impression of innervation symbolized, to change unconscious systemic conditions of affective allocation and internal ontology, into one of health [1,2]. This author has also utilized said ideas to actively alter the valence of tragic sexual abuses in some cases, in private unpaid work. As expected, alteration of drive structures and super ego inspired masochistic wishes, changes instantly expressed pathology into health. This work will be released after my death. The point being, reality and the human condition is indeed defined and then re-defined, as the unconscious to conscious transference and its epigenetic underpinnings are defined and redefined. As we change the dream beneath reality from one reflecting the epigenetically scripted repetition compulsion and super-ego associated with patriarchal penalty, to one of maternal connectivity symbolizing the triggering and formation of empathetically mediatory limbic/OFC circuitry, mankind is made ethical, energetic, intelligent, and healthy.

Combinative archetype and conscious wish-restructuring: unity and rUcs removal.

Humanity is endowed with a rich tradition of spiritual practice, indicative of the epigenetic underpinnings and neuro-circuitry which comprise the internal portion of human spiritual functionality and its neuronal hard wiring and genetic architecture. Here we see a pre-formed route of entry into the elusive primary process, and hence, into the basis of human happiness, health and pathology. Here we may understand how and why, mankind creates the world he does, both internally and then again, externally as his wishes are brought into active expression. Clearly, mankind evidences to the trained and untrained eye alike an entirely perverse predilection to certain sadistic and then again, masochistic wishes. The broken and ill world he creates, is that which he wishes to create, a world of self-annihilation and obedience to abusive authority (masochism, and then, cruelty to his own race (sadomasochism).

To inculcate the archetype of the earth mother (Gaia) within the human existential well of being, meaning his psychology and mind as actually expressed under phenomenological constraints, bridges the existential divide (obviously) and ends Oedipal and related repressions. The entire of the wishes of man may then be provided and unified by unconscious to conscious perceptual transference into conscious expression bound into object representation: the subject may “fall in love” with the archetype, and create the unconscious dream-basis of redistributed valence, inclusive of SEEKING and reward circuitry, septal stimulation and predominant nucleus accumbens activations, medial forebrain bundle lateral hypothalamic and associated limbic structure expressions and the like. In this way, the entire of any subject’s perceptual experience may be transformed to one free of repressions, with all drives bound into object expression, expressed then within the perceived world around him, a world of which he is then also himself a part through maternal empathetic basis connectivity spanning the developmental stage of self-recognition and separation of the perceived self from the previously self-indistinct world around him (see super ego paper). The result is a dramatic increase in endorphin expressions, dopaminergic expressions and the like…much as one would expect from being in love, which mediates epigenetic unconscious scripting. Here we see a technical description of the “enlightened world” on one hand, meaning the world of love, anima mundi or world of the mother and that of “heaven,” which we may rightly recall is a state promised in the original uncorrupted spiritual teachings of Jesus, as a state of being which is present to us all––Now. The glad tidings. [1] It is this potential being-state, a being-state of transference-ontology based in somatic libidinal distributions stemming from the unconscious become pre-conscious, which will create both ethical necessity built into each action alongside of the bliss and feeling of warmth and safety, which is the higher birthright of humankind.


Internal unification with maternal archetypal expression offers a simple methodology of profound and deep change for mankind, within which his repressions may be ended, his wishes provided, and his health returned. Supported from alterations of the lowest levels of wish formation and expression within the unconscious as scripted epigenetically, this one simple practice articulates a method to alter at the formative unconscious level of human transference, the unhappiness, ethical and intellectual limitation and cruelty of humankind.


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