Patriarchy and a simple rule

(To sort truth from lie within military authority)

That parasitic entity which has lied, abused and controlled this world and you in order to profit and harm the essence of life itself, may be summed in a word: Patriarchy. Patriarchy I will define as the will of the father sublimated into the state and social institutions. Imagine the military and its hierarchical structure with a general at the top, and obedient killers beneath him, or the church with the Pope and high priests at the top, and the lower obedient ranks beneath them. Patriarchy has cast the lot of man and woman as slaves. Now, we humans are all treated as prostitutes and ‘life’ means chasing money, cowering beneath the abuses of a criminal government which starts wars, lies in false-flag attacks to kill us off, creates medical practice which makes money of our illnesses and encourages those illnesses to emerge with chemical spray and radiations, weapons systems, lies and cruelty. Click here for proof. We will free you from these many abuses. We will free you from the noose of obedience, and bring you unto heaven.

The age of patriarchy has ended. You––are above authority, above the ‘father’ of this broken world.

The lower no longer has province over life, you may have her. Your reward, is now.

You may simply disobey authority as you please, and take your place in this perfect heaven as one of the good. Take your reward and do not obey the traitor, killer and liar which is authority.

Please observe closely, and you will note that concerning its crimes and the wellbeing of its citizens the entire of each and every word spoken by authority, the government and military in particular, is a filthy wretched lie. Click here: Criminal Government Section.


All men and women are as you. You are of the earth, of Nature just as are they. Were you born of woman? Humanity is of she. All. None are different. Humans are controlled and made low, angry, sick and criminal, by way of their reactions. Read here, and see the trick used against you. Insert meat puppet theatre

To sort truth, which is absolute, from crooked filthy lies, lies often told by those who may themselves believe them, use this simple rule based in the nature of our higher being––a being which self-evolves of love:

“Is this command an act of caring and love?”

Remember, you have been lied to concerning other nations and races, which have done nothing against you, and are exactly as you are. Our leaders have created this ruined world of conflict…they are painfully wrong and deeply greedy and so, very weak-minded, ugly, inferior and sadistic. Our leaders are of the low…they do not change, only wish to control and never evolve toward light from love. Never! Read here and understand the difference between yourself as a being of light and those criminal lying authorities who lead us, and as they are low, conceal and lie. Click here for The Answer: Roadmap for a new Humanity. The good are open and honest. Any concealment indicates the presence of the corrupt, the criminal, the traitor: The Low. Vermin. The good are open, honest, kind and intelligent; the low, conceal, and so––necessarily betray! There are no exceptions, no grey areas: concealment of any sort is the way of the traitor.

You are far better, than those lying criminal things which have taken over this tender Earth.

My children are worthy.

Let us take an example, and see how to use our simple rule to determine if military orders given are true, or wretched lies, fit to disobey. Then, we will see how perfect and beautiful is the reward to disobey any and every lying, murderous order!

An order is given to a group of enlisted men and women in the Navy. It involves boarding a navy vessel to go attack an enemy.

Please recall, all told to you by authority is a filthy lie. Note how the entire military is killing off the American public and the earth herself, killing Americans, not ever protecting them––never––but always and only killing those it is to protect. Read here of the false flag operations used to do this terrible thing and further evidence: [click here, and here, and here].

Now, let us examine the order, and see if it is a wicked lie, or truth which reflects our basis in love, kindness and light as higher beings.


The navy ship itself uses radar which electrifies the delicate, giving sea and acidifies her waters, killing the gentle higher beings within her depths. [click here, and here for details]. Sadism is defined as controlling an object or being with no concern for that being. Sadism is a perversion, and therefore if taken as a predominant separated drive is entirely of the lower. The lower, the violent navy acting as a sadist, is killing the higher, just to step aboard the vessel. To even turn on the naval systems is criminal. We are to covet, love and protect the earth. Her tender creatures, so beautiful and sweet…one harms that which is above one, just to turn the criminal vessel’s systems on. The vessel pollutes. This is filthy crime, cruel and stupid, ugly, obvious and wrong. Click here, to understand how to power such a vessel with NO pollution.

Is stepping aboard the vessel as instructed, a truth and an enlightened command, or a filthy lie?

The rule:
“Is this command an act of caring and love?”

The resultant answer:

We deduce:
The vessel itself is an instrument of cruel, criminal sadism. A filthy lie.

“Step aboard the vessel” is an order revealed as an ugly lie, wicked and cruel. So: Disobey the order, in all cases. Do not be fooled, and harm the earth and your family.

We love those in the military most. We will never refuse you. Please know: It is to you, that we do most graciously offer love within faith. In this, you may save us all.

Next, the order to harm another human.

The rule:
“Is this command an act of caring and love?”

The resultant answer:

Remember, the military is not defending America or any other nation. That is a complete, entirely filthy and vulgar lie. All wars are blood and money soaked creations of many lies. Read here and understand that I am exactly right in this! Click here for more concerning false flag operations.

We have applied our simple rule and may clearly deduce as to the two parts of the order given that––


The order is a filthy, wicked lie.

Never obey inferiors. Never obey cruelty. You are above.

Now, as to the consequences of higher action, the will of the higher, the will not to obey criminal orders and harm the earth and her race of light!

As you sit in the brig, think of us and we will come unto you, reward and comfort you, bring you each tenderness a goddess may bestow, and create a heaven of your prison cell. Simply call unto us, and receive the rewards of heaven.

You are a child of light––you are above.

You need never kill again. Heaven is now. We are your reward.

All my children are innocent.