Our New Day: The Church of Life

Night arches her back, stretching, hovering before a blanket of stars, her shaded cup upturned and covetous, holding us beneath, deeply pressed within her breast, nourished in tender dreams soon unfolded within us. How gentle is the hand which creates and adorns the night sky with new worlds, spattered in light, how kind is the whisper which conjured our name? Nestled within caring’s breast, we are her thought before time, sleeping and then restless, as a prayer searches to find wings unfolded, a whisper awakens in her heart and is answered, to have spoken our name. So thick with happiness is she to have dreamt you. The time of returning is ripe.

Dawn’s gentle petals parting, each rose feather kissed lightly before dreams of bashful holding yield, now spilt forth into all things. Feel the world now warm, held and knit between us; the tender flesh of hope drawn within morning light, a whisper opens upon wings stretching soundless and bright as the sweep of stars, now warm and full within tender seconds, poured and tasted between us. For we have awoken and dreamt the world, and may return unto her, full and fuller still with warmth, flaxen sun drawn twice thick, luxuriant and bounteous, melt-butter poured upon fields of wheat, rippling and smooth in winds of dream, drawn and flowing before the noontime sun.

So has she dreamt us, and we her. For of those moments shared, comes the world. 

The time is ripe for new beginnings. We may share this thing. 

The human animal is a state of potential, perfect and bright in each detail, yet held down and controlled, kept fouled and ill. We humans are the higher itself, children of light in each and every sense. That which controls us––is lowly filth. 

What is the eventual potential being that is mankind? What could a guiltless mankind, free of his ugly fetters of guilt and self-destructive obedience achieve? What if mankind owned guiltless rights to his instincts and wishes using methodology as is specified here in this church? What would come if mankind could sum his wishes of warmth and kindness as higher being?

What would two thousand years bring?

Imagine dear friends, the aether particles as here (Norman and Dunning-Davies):


Then, imagine consciousness defined as so (Norman and Dunning-Davies):


Can you see it? Yes…it is possible.Note how quantum experiments change by “observational effects” what are as waves into what are more closely resembling particles .See the work of Radin: [http://dx.doi.org/10.4006/0836-1398-26.4.553]

Note how all physical form as represented in the two previous papers from myself and Jeremy Dunning-Davies above, is held together (strong force) and then again how all system state outcomes on all levels are mediated by the true source of force carrier effects and quantum effects: consciousness…which is a pressure wave (voltage alone) in aetherial space: a scalar wave. 

Imagine then, as in my papers above, how the effects we see in Radin’s experiments work! What do we see…?

The better subject is skilled at meditation, which in traditional models is based in a cooling of affect (as in Buddhist traditions) and projecting outward thoughts symbolizing somatic wishes. However, affect is itself consciousness!

In the new human model we see affect itself liberated, and those wishes used to fuel perception. The effect should be greatly increased affective projection, a great pressure wave would be created. To align the omnidirectional self-cancelations which are the actual causal basis of quantum foam effects and fluctuations, and send the energies in a unidirectional expression, this is the future, pure feeling, pure affect would be created and expressed, to use the new ideas. Now again as Radin, imagine the real cause of probabilistic effects, the actual mechanic is just exactly such a scalar wave train as that! Luck, is not luck…it is love, affect, libido in aligned expression. The physical world and the destiny of mankind are then brought into expression and fruition…solely using THOUGHT. 

Such is the future of a loving, kind and guiltless humanity.

What would the functional mental state synthetically affecting reality look like? We already know it lacks a repressed unconscious and aligns its creative somatic libidinal conscious wishes, so we may infer: a projective monovalent highly affective “somatically based” (loving) wish state which emplaces a wish and then also, fulfills that wish. This then is rightly describable as a sort of faith state, meaning, a state which proposes a wish and parsing no internal division, then, fulfills that wish directly. 

Can you understand then, the next as well? How primitive and inferior is technology! How low and foolish is self-obsession and competition! The human race itself once bound together, may then share and augment these abilities as “entangled” effects, which we now know (see Norman and Dunning-Davies papers above) are actually causally described as constructive interference effects amongst scalar waves that are themselves, consciousness! It is this, human love, connection and consciousness itself, expressed together as what I call higher being that will create for us, a new world. We need not split the world apart to create it! We may create it, as it is created! Sweet golden and warm, the heart of a distant memory holds up the future we might enjoin: 

The material world is created, of consciousness

––Rich Norman