Love within Faith

We are all raised by an archetype, the mother. Gaia, is the earth-mother archetype. Love within faith is to love Gaia, as we know she is there within all things. This love of deity, love of the archetype Gaia and the faith in which it is based, are not fanciful ideas which require any leap of faith, as it is known. Our doctrine which will open to you the pathway to this world of heaven now, is based in the development of every human being. Once long ago, as children in the earliest year of life, we humans did not have an idea of ourselves as distinct from the world, an idea called individuation. We were at that time part of her, the mother’s face in providing us nurturance was our entire world, a world indistinct from ourselves. This impression of the mother’s face is in fact the formative impression of human empathy and also therefore of ethics, upon which we are all based in loving connection. We need but reveal this fact to find hope and heaven. The world is a part of one’s self, as the mother was. This fact of anatomical development is necessary, and studies from the 1940s show that those infants lacking this early nurturance often died. We are of she. Our connection to Her, to the mother which is this world is indeed a necessary and basic fact of our very lives. She is within all things! This is our faith––and a fundamental life sustaining fact. This faith is a context through which all the world gains meaning. Within that faith then, we love her. This will change your world, and welcome you into this heaven. Love within faith. Click here for the example in the testament. She is within all things, and so––we have changed the world and found our heaven: to love deity. All the world is aglow, as an act of love. This is love within faith. This is our heaven and the kind heart of man revealed. To Know, to have faith in the fact, and then to love her––this is heaven. She is yours! Each moment of experience is an act of love within faith.

Please click here for science in support (as published in JCER):

All the world is connected to you, as an extension of yourself, through her. She is within the world. This is our faith.

As you love her, she will then come to you and change your world. This is our act of love.

We love her as we know she is within all things. This is love within faith.

As we love her, so is heaven returned unto us.