The abused state of mankind is largely held in place by way of informational suppression, particularly within the sciences. I have discovered that fundamental paradigmatic pieces of physical, medical and other science have been withheld to the detriment of mankind. Also, the social fabric and inner psychological and spiritual landscape of our very humanity, has been torn and buried to the point of being unrecognizable. Below, you will find video and text to aid in the reclamation of our humanity and subsequent integration into a unity, a state I will define here as higher being. Also, you will find information concerning proper scientific paradigm and approach that will yield clean energy in many ways, some presently available, others tantalizingly close to completion. Medical practice is addressed in books and papers, and video offered to alert, and aid both our present spirit, and future human promise.


The Answer: Roadmap for a New Humanity

R. Norman.

Free version Hard Copy

Beyond the Veil

J. Dunning-Davies and R. Norman

Free version Hard Copy

Truth in Paradigm

J. Dunning-Davies and R. Norman

Free version Hard Copy

Future’s Mirror

R. Norman

Free version Hard Copy

Hadronic Chemistry

R. Santilli

Free version Hard Copy

The Last Fall

R. Norman

A beautiful book of verse and photography all will enjoy:
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R. Santilli: Fuels with Magnecular Structure
Norman and Dunning-Davies: Hadronic Paradigm Reassessed (Hadronic Journal)
Norman and Dunning-Davies: Probabilistic Mechanics: The Hidden Variable (Hadronic Journal)
Norman and Dunning-Davies: Energy and Matter Creation: The Poynting Vortex (Hadronic Journal)
Norman and Dunning-Davies: The Informational Magnecule (American Journal of Modern Physics)
Norman et al.: Quantum Information Medicine (World Journal of Neuroscience)
Norman and Dunning-Davies: An Open Letter Concerning Cancer
Norman and Dunning-Davies: Consequences of an Aether (Hadronic Journal)
Dunning-Davies and Norman: Practical and Theoretical Assessment of Relativistic Theory
R. Norman; A Possible Relation Between Drugs and Violence.

Short Essays


The Gathering (full)

Blade of Light:

Blade of Light Open Fund:

The Gathering

The Gathering – Introduction

The Gathering- Part 1

The Gathering – Part 2

The Gathering – Part 3

Human Evolution

Vital information concerning crimes against humanity and nature: