How to pray, live and change

Prayer within this doctrine is different than it is within other spiritual practices. One practices unity. One loves. One does not request things, protection or services. One loves and is affirmed by way of connection to all things and peoples (love within faith). This prayer then, will change the pain within you, and connect you to all things. Please see the video and book below, for explanation. The connection formed thus, is ethics. No rules will ever govern you. You are an ethical being. You are free.

The destiny of mankind is a function of physics, at least in part. Our faith, will affect the physical outcomes of the world around us. A tiny but experimentally demonstrable alteration in physical systems is clearly demonstrated in physics experiments, resultant of positive somatic feeling, of physical wishes.

The effects of wishful mentation upon physical systems are demonstrable and slight, constant and continuous is the drop by drop spending of our wishes to fill the moments, summoning always each second’s filling. Over the course of time’s full sweep, the effect is itself the future’s unfolding, affected from beneath and above a wish hangs and paints the horizon bright and dark, so is the future of man but man’s to summon, now just as it always has been throughout Time’s eternal spending, so brief and unending is the promise, held and lost, colored, tasted and made real, distinct for each and all: hope, pain, despair, warmth, war, caring, cruelty, tenderness––our past, present and future are a question answered each moment, a question and world created, adorned and summoned––of affect.

Such effects are increased with individual participatory compounding, each one who contributes to the singular goal creates a greater overall effect. Let us become one, and change the destiny of mankind, an effect I refer to as temporal mass, a sort of ‘mass’ which changes the way events within time unfold. Please for this exercise think of this unconscious connectivity as an affective “vibratory” component expression (a pulsed scalar wave expression to be precise [insert probabilistic mechanics paper]). Imagine if you would, that the medium of connectivity, the aetherial energy density and terrestrial fields, permit the distribution and compounding of such affective expression (of anti-correlations, as linked above). We may love together, as higher being. This will affect the destiny of mankind.

The future of man is that which he wishes to become.

Only those who lay hands upon a task might solve it. The future is ours to create.

We may be joined as higher being, and draw a better future for our race and world.

Love within faith. Let us love her, and be loved, here together, and so––change the world. Let us generate temporal mass and a new higher human future between us, as an act of giving and receiving, an act of love.

Now we may pray, as she would have it done, not as worship, but as love and unified connection.

The nexus thought.

We are within the tender meadow. Delicate winded ripples play among the tips of new meadow grass, and as a whisper, the sun splashes upon the silver brook beneath us. Hints of blossom speckle gentle breeze, and all the world is cupped within each ripple of breath, enfolded intricacies whisper, shifting as delicate hands weaving light and shadow, a dappled brook splashes up amongst the shadows.

Within the palm of time, we are sheltered. So beautiful are you, as a liquid jewel, pure and perfect, running and silver, painting the rounded stones with silver cool, your clear skin of light as a stream running over cool stone, laughing. Look, and see the river of time, silver and slipping, cool and light, bubbles speak and retreat amongst the cool shadowed noon of our beginning. Each twig is bathed in light, cracked ice solved in yellow-gold, the leaves of fall tugged loose to paint time’s tender curtain in crimson and gold, so beautiful are you, so sweet and warm is this evening, cool upon the heat of day. Each second pours ever richer, ever thicker with light, as melt glass flows, stretching and warm within each shadow and leaf, golden and round, clear and full. Look out, and behold!

Each aged maple’s lofty crown stirred by an unseen wind; each slipping stream of bright rippled mirror; each shifting wave of tasseled meadow grass; the sweet earth under the melting heart of her yellow noon; the first nook of heaven as she tastes the rouge of dawn; the sheltered sky over each flourishing bounty bestowed and nurtured beneath; each creature basking beneath the arcing warmth of a golden sun, stretches, languishes before you, warm and full, grateful, waiting; each moment opens itself so you may sweetly fill it, with gratitude and warmth; each living thing is within you, bathed in warmth beneath a purring sun, the world fills you, warm within your beating breast, enfolded and enfolding–––Life.

It is a thought of gratitude, which will change the destiny of mankind.

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