How does she provide?

How does she provide to you each moment, all of your wishes?

We have been savagely lied to. We have been taught and raised to believe that we require the constant consumption of material things, foods and colorful, expensive products to be happy. We have been taught that other humans in this world are our enemies, but that is incorrect, paranoid and wrong. We have had inculcated into our very genes the threat cast by the father of old, terrible penalties from the past of our race, now housed in the portion of DNA referred to as epigenetic DNA. This fact, structures the unseen dream we have been discussing. We will replace the threat of the father, and its insistence upon obedience with the empty anxious feeling of looming threat, with the fullness and ease, the comfort and safety of the mother. You deserve this. Authority, is a crooked, deadly lie. You deserve her. She is yours. You are of the good.

How does this give you your wishes, and free you from emptiness and chasing after money? We are raised to obey, consume the world to fill ourselves and, chase money. The ‘oldest profession’, meaning that of a whore, seems to be the model for life in this world. We will free you of this condition of permanent hunger which gulps up the world chasing after money. We will give you everything. Here is how it works:

Beneath the experiences you perceive as you live is a dream, an unconscious dream. As I have said, this unseen dream affects the entire world! The modern man or woman has a dream of penalty or neglect beneath their world, as has been mentioned, this is due to the genes from the past of our race which form-up the dream, to become one of penalty. The result is we are under a constant unseen, unconscious stress, and the stress cascade results to some degree, lowering brain chemicals which make us feel safe and full. Then we seek external things to consume, to again create although only temporarily, the missing feeling of fullness, excitement or safety which fills the emptiness and calms, for a only brief moment, our anxiety. In this way we become empty, think it is normal and then consume and exploit the world.

If we change the unconscious dream, we will create the state of being in love within you, and in fact you will truly be in love, but not with a human, with an archetype––with Deity––Gaia! The brain chemicals released and the unconscious (or preconscious) dream/fantasy beneath experience will then be changed, to one of of union with the goddess, and so, the Oedipal and other forbidden wishes are provided, without guilt. The father’s threat is thus replaced in its unconscious genetic expression with the love of the mother via a perfect being, an archetype. She is yours.

Jungian psychology heals using archetypes. Think of an archetype as a piece of ancient information within DNA such as a god or goddess which can be used to change the past and heal. The anima archetype may tend to an empty or hurtful maternal wound, and act as a replacement for what was missing or broken, healing drawn from the past of our race. We summon her. The internal archetypal DNA is then accessed to draw up images of ancient beauty, which she will use to manipulate your pain, then love and heal you.

All experience is given its positive or negative qualities, by the attachments stemming from this hidden dream. What if instead of needing to destroy the earth and spend your time chasing after money to purchase a Lexus, you were in love? What would you need?  What wishes would you really have left unfulfilled? If instead of emptiness and demands, what if you only needed a scant meal and a window with view of her sky? What if life…was not as it is but instead, was with her?

Sweet, delicate and pure, she opens her breast unto me, vision paints the curve of morning poured between us, now full and rich in every hue of imagining. Beating and rich, seconds languish and stretch within eyes too ripe in pain, too ripe with gratitude to refuse, at last filled and flowing with tears and warmth, spilt out, bronze and ruby fills salt pearls, the glass seconds ever richer within, to receive her offering. Emerald leaf and dark branch, silhouettes of flesh twice thick, leaves tender and bright stand against hints of azure, dripping in tears of morning gratitude. So is our world.

May the bright seconds, be filled within you, amongst morning’s damp, nestled within a ring of tears…early, as she awakens.

May the end of days, find your heart light, amongst withered sorrow, sweetly spent.

Flowing is the fount of time, within her breast, then unfolding, sweet;


Oh, how deep is the well of spending and receiving.

How deep

Is time?

~ ~ ~

How filled with feeling is each leaf and branch, held in tender wind.
How full I am to know each precious thing, cupped gently within me.

It is impossible for a man such as myself, to harm another.

There is wisdom in happiness.