Higher being and unity

The images referred to below are being created, and will soon be on display here.

What is the meaning of Gaia and her brother (myself) in union?

The meaning is that of life itself, heterosexual union, love itself as the fount of life––for it is! Male and female intermixed within a union of forms––selfless and creating then, a new emergent higher self. Higher Being. This is also then, a symbol of higher being. Mankind is potentially: higher being.

Please note how the idea of self appears to have been abandoned in this symbol of unity. Indeed, think if you will of the glad relation between carnal and ethical forms and know this truth yourself as a being of love, for within the act of love is our beginning and also, we see an expression of our higher purpose. Within the act of love we see the emergence of the form of higher being. Self is no longer the focus but instead, within the highest act of love––we see a Mutuality of Giving.

Each gives unto the other, now only an act of giving remains and so self then vanishes within the union, each supported by the giving of the other, now, as a single entity: unity. Self vanishes, and only giving remains…we become only this, only an act of love, an act of giving. “Self” within higher being is only an energy pouring out, an energy of giving––of love. This…is higher being. An act of love. All of life is thus. The community of man––must change and become a community of higher being.

What is the meaning of the lush green earth as an apple with a golden leaf?

The earth is she. We are all of she. I am the prophet of peace. I speak of a future of growth, bounty and peace…where guilt has ended and we humans as beings of light, finally acknowledge our community and its emergent higher being of love, indistinct from her are we all––of love––this is our knowledge, shown as the wrongly understood biblical apple of knowledge, but now rightly known, a knowledge of life––free––from guilt. You may love. She is yours.

Our future is that vision, for we are but she and she us: higher being. In our act of giving to her, so shall we be sustained: Love within faith.

Love within faith is itself the form of higher being. A mutuality of giving which creates our world: heaven.

It is this which Gaia offers.

However, Gaia––is being murdered. We will stop this thing.

My vision––is one of a burgeoning peace, within her lush, damp breast.

I am the prophet of peace.