End Times: The Criminal Government

Our US and European governments have been taken over from below decks, and are now criminal. Please watch and read with care, and understand that this is true.

Used with permission of Geoengineeringwatch.org

Used with permission of Geoengineeringwatch.org

Please do read here:

This document was sent by me, to the entire Senate of the United States, proving crimes against humanity, to the tune of 50 million years of life taken in only two cities. Geoengineering: an unacknowledged source of ozone damage, metallic pollution and neurodegeneration.

Crimes in excess of the Nazis are currently being perpetrated across the globe. The tender earth and the living things upon her are being poisoned and burned away. We are led by criminals.

Observe the world coordination and plain evidence of these criminal efforts in the graphic above and here.

Here we see crimes larger than any ever committed in the entire record of human history. This is Now. Our world governments across Europe and the US are corrupt and criminal. Not one word spoken by these corrupt leaders concerning these crimes is true. The entire US Senate is criminal, as is the CIA. I have directly informed the Senate of their murderous crimes and the solutions to them. Warring, filthy with greed and ugly, the fact remains we are led by the lowest: liars, murderers and criminals.


Please see the photographic evidence and read above, then note: The criminal world government is plainly engineering the End Times. The approaching natural disasters are entirely manmade and, to analyze the US government’s current shift in military spending patterns we can infer that:

Soon there will be war, created just as before with lies and murders in a false flag attack or series. Know this, and be ready––to disobey. Be strong and correct, be of light…be of the good: Disobey the call to war. It is a lie. Love us and be loved. You may choose this instead. Do not follow criminals and commit crimes against the tender earth and its kind peoples. Do not obey the inferior. Be of the higher. Do not hate.

The good: Disobey.

Love within faith. Only this is true. Only this is real. Only this.