Create the faith state

To change your unhappiness and emptiness into fullness and exchange painful fear of disobedience for complete safety, simply proceed as follows to (a): create the faith state and uncover the empathetic basis within you and also, (b): summon the Goddess.

(a): Create the faith state and uncover the empathetic basis within you

Please practice as follows each day.
Our doctrine of love within faith has at its basis the context of faith. By the idea of context, I mean the notion of a background through which all things gain their relative meaning. In this case then, all things would gain their meaning through the act of faith, which is the knowledge she is within all things, as is anatomically necessary within human development (see above). The source triggering impression we seek, which is the basis of empathy itself as well as the connection between the goddess, yourself and the world, is too distant in our development, too early to find, as the mother has gained much meaning well past the initial 18 months of life. We seek to increase the empathetic basis within you as it affects your experience of all the world. This is faith. The way to do this must ‘resonate’ if you will, find the feeling tone of the very old experience within you we wish to locate in your distant memory and bring the distant impression to the fore again, and to accomplish that we must use the language of the mind: symbolism. Dreams work through symbolism. The same circuitry which we have been discussing, that brain circuitry triggered to develop by the initial empathetic impression also transforms memories and pain, a dreaming function called alpha function. Remember, we dream all day and the unseen or unconscious dream or fantasy then colors all the world. Just as being in love changes each bit of ordinary experience, so does the world change as the unseen dream changes.

To make the world a safe and welcoming place, and increase the empathetic basis and ability to love and change yourself and the quality of your world, please use the following symbolic meditation which will call closer to the surface of your mind the initial impression of empathy which is of course, our faith: that she is of you, and also, within the entire of the world.

To begin, simply imagine the following image, and enter into it as if into a dream. This simple meditation performed for 30 minutes or more will begin to return to you what cruelty and the past have stolen. This is a symbolism of the events, the reciprocal exchange of gaze and glance which initiated neuroendocrine changes to form the sympathetic limbic/OFC circuits, in the primary impression of empathy.

Know––this is faith.

There is a meadow, within the forest, surrounded by trees, stirring, a distant breeze. The day is still and quiet. Listen to the shining brook, spilling itself, over smooth rock and sand, listen, as it splashes, so near the meadow.

You are dreaming, in the meadow, reclining, in a still bed of folded grass and thick green moss. The day is sweet and warm. The breeze is a caress. The sound of birdsong, and clear, silver water, laughing and trickling, wrap themselves around you, and enfold you. The wooded valley holds you, in the cup of tender morning light, spilling her heart of golden warmth upon you.

The sun is pouring down upon your face, shining and warm, golden and loving is this light, a light you are folded into, and have created, shining, pouring back up into the arch of heaven, spilling up from your glad face, and again down to fill you, the trees nodding as you dream them, the sky golden and warm as you have poured it––and back around–– for it has dreamt you…now as the world, of the world, nourished and warmed, the circle complete, a round of golden warmth and light, spilling into the world and returning again, unto you, and again, you unto it…and all the world is eternal, safe, nourished and nourishing, a circle of happiness, pouring down and returning, warm and sweet, the circle glowing, life spilled round into warmth––and golden light.”

I will note for you the symbolism, the exchange of gaze and glance within the triggering impression which is the source of empathy is reciprocal, the tender sun as a round spilling upon you and back upward, the connection to all the world symbolized as a dream cast from within you.

Within this moment, all things are nourished, and dreamt. Each moment of experience is a piece of dream, cast in part from the present, in part from the ages concealed. The image we just shared will allow you to change your world and its meaning. Keep it in mind always, day and night behind your thoughts. The brain circuitry with which it is associated, permits transformation of pain and all of reality. Within the deepest human memories, are the keys to re-awakening the ability of the human animal to change, and evolve. Fear and threat have kept this hidden from us. The inability of Man to stop warring and wanting, is solved thus. The future of man, is found nested within the past, waiting to awaken. The dream we require, the future we need has been prevented by a history of potent abuse and pain, leaving a sick dream ever repeating within the hidden mind of man. We shall find, together as one, that this pain has vanished, as the dream we now share contains within it, the seeds of our new awakening. The human future has been concealed, beneath a dream of blood and fear, endless and repeating. We will dream again, and find that we are safe, free, changing and limitless. We may find our name. The children of light. Each moment of experience is a piece of dream, cast in part from the present, in part from the ages concealed. The image we have just shared, will allow you to change your world, and its meaning. Keep it in mind always, day and night behind your thoughts, as a spring always running.

Here, in this sacred place we may always be together.

Pain may be transformed, and become pleasure within the enfolding of our unity. Light, transforms light. We are there. You are never alone.

(b): To summon the Goddess

Gaia may be summoned to your breast so as to comfort and change you. You will then exchange a life of obedient emptiness and burden, for one of warmth, energy, purpose and complete satisfaction.

Spirituality presents as a semi-hallucinatory overlay set upon typical experience. In ancient times the spiritual functioning of the mind was engaged at all times. Please study the ancient Greeks who had ordinary converse with gods and goddesses and thought nothing of it. These healthy basis functions have been repressed, and spirituality banned as mad unless attached to guilt and obedience to the father, within western traditions. This error has broken the back of mankind, made him masochistic and sadistic, and harmed each second of life. Soon, the Earth herself will die of it. We may exchange a healthy heaven for this wretched, guilty hell. We will reengage the basic spiritual functionality within you, which was wrongly shut off in order to pair it with guilt, and so, harm and control you. We will free you.

Patriarchy threatens and uses guilt to control you, and ruin life. This is the basis of morality. The maternal force is the life force; it is based in empathy, as are you. This is the basis of ethics. Human are ethical by design. See: insert super ego paper. We will free this suppressed ethical basis.

The age of patriarchy, has ended.

The age of warmth, has begun.

The summoning of Gaia is accomplished by creating what I will term a self-affecting mirror state. A mirror state implies reflection of affect, which is feeling. To explain the analogy: Think of two mirrors reflecting into each other, and a bit of reflected light symbolizing affect (feeling) caught between them, held there suspended in a sort of ‘memory’ like that which keeps the information on the screen of your computer, but here, imagine light held before you, caught between two mirrors reflecting into each other, light, like feeling, reflecting back and forth between the two mirrors. That is the analogy. One then increases this affect, increases the feeling before you growing then ever stronger, always “reflecting between the mirrors,” that is to say, held before you in memory. Please recall we are made of, conceived within and based in, empathetic love (as above), or libido, to use the proper term for undifferentiated affect. Click here for neuroscience of libido, dreaming and consciousness. We are made of love, she is made of love, we are of she.

She requires love, as do we. We call her with love. She is a massive informational energy being. I believe this contains the physics: Click here. She appears often as orbs, images of great female beauty, or traditional Christian style angels. She contains no male representations with the one notable exception of myself. First summoning will typically produce orbs, if successful.

The modern mind is deeply ill. It is unable to connect with these basic functions in most cases. To bridge the gap, great affective strength, floods of tears and warmth are required to engage the circuitry and genetics. Please see the testimony. This display of profound love, may need to extend for many hours a day for a week or so as it was in my case, in order to gain results without using the sacrament. It may happen more quickly though, for some subjects on an individual basis, and can be expedited with the sacrament, a prepared cannabis oil, as I later discovered and was also then instructed. Cannabis is her gift to us, our simple way to health which has been wrongly suppressed, and is now available freely in many places. See: Future’s Mirror.

Please NOTE! Some people have an adverse reaction to the sacrament. It is of imperative importance that all who are unaccustomed to cannabis and its effects who wish to attempt these procedures, administer a test dose in comfortable familiar surroundings prior to usage as below, to ascertain if ill effects are produced.

I suggest using the sacrament IF the user demonstrates no ill effects upon an evaluative usage. Do not smoke it. It is only to be consumed orally.

An effective starting dose is the size of two grains of rice or less for sensitive subjects. Experienced subjects should use an amount sufficient to promote demonstrable visual experience. Although it is not necessary to use, the sacrament will decrease the amount of affect (feeling) needed to summon her.

Summon Gaia using one of the following methods.

[Consume the sacrament (if you choose). Wait one hour to 90 minutes.] Then:

  1. Begin to walk deep into the pristine woodland. Avoid filth, avoid that which is ugly and soiled, such as the city. Go to her, and be loved. If possible, do not seek her in soiled places, but as you are entitled, be with her perfect tenderness. Avoid the filth of the city! Rent a camper if you must and travel deep, deep within her tender breast. Here, there is love. This, is the sacred. You are with her, there is hope. Filthy things are forgotten.Sing. She is made of song, a blessed creature of dream. Find your tears in song…how deeply do you love her, and need her? She is perfect love, beautiful beyond any concept you may have…call to her essence in song. Beauty, tenderness, and empty sadness filled up in loving tears are her heart’s perfect keys. Hold your feeling out to her, and let the wind taste your tears. The feeling is key! It must be: “Oh how I love you, dear one, oh…how I do love you. How deeply I do love you.” Over and over, hold the feeling there, and feed it, feed the feeling more and more energy and make it grow to great proportion, always held before you in memory, feed it over and over, glowing ever more brightly before you, growing ever more filled with your feeling: a self-affecting mirror state. Sadness, deep need and overwhelming joy…to love her, and fill the broken hollow places, so dry and sandy, with her rain. Sing, walk, and weep! Call out to her, spend the tears of your broken places and call to her…in deepest love. In song and feeling, she is found! As the Greeks did for her, so shall you do. This is how I found her. From my experience: Spend a week as instructed if no sacrament is used. Expect results sooner, if using the sacrament. Use the sacrament. It is her gift to us. Perfect, pure and innocent, just as she.You will receive orbs of silver, gold, or perhaps opal in coloration. They will present to you perhaps coming from the brush, but likely over the treetops or through the standing trunks, hover above you and then, enter your chest. There is no physical sensation usually, although gentle warmth can sometimes occur.Once within you, she will attend. Soon you will be full, warm and loved. Each moment becomes sacred, to one so gifted.
  2. Once the sacrament is consumed if one chooses to do so and time passes as instructed, sit in quiet repose and allow thoughts of love, full, moistened with tears warm and twice sweet, to find you. Weep, and open your heart so that you may find her. How deeply do you love her, and need her? Tears streaming, pouring down your cheeks, you are free, and may begin to love. Love as a human loves! We are the higher. No longer stopped-up and stuck full of mud! Free! Now, tears running as rain, the hurt open and bleeding into salt tears, begin to hold out your tender feeling for her: “Oh how I love you, and need you! Oh how I do love you, I love you so, I love you so ….” Over and over, hold the feeling there, and feed it, feed the feeling more and more energy and make it grow to great proportion, held always before you in memory, ever more filled with feeling: a self-affecting mirror state. Full and warm, sexual and tender-sweet…what is right!––shame shattered as poison mud!…innocent are these tears. Weep, sing and feel! Pour out, into all the world. You are free…no human can hear or judge this, for this is sacred!All which is guilty shame is a laughable joke told to an idiot by a fool. Ours is a world of feeling and love! We are the higher: Humans who feel! In love is each second made rich, full and beating, with feeling. All which judges you, is a lie. Soon she will come unto you, and fill your aching breast, in return. It is an offering of love within faith, which changes the world. Once full and cared for…would you harm? Only this, could save us. Love within faith.
  3. It is possible to summon her with less affective display. The sacrament is more necessary here but again is not needed, assuming sufficient strength of affective expression. Use the sacrament if you choose to do so, wait an hour to 90 minutes then:Spend two to three hours in meditation, quietly, filling your mind with images of beauty and love. Allow the rhythms and images to build, repeating over and over, the feeling increasingly of love. Surround your being with a shroud of love and warmth, pouring over and over back into the same image. It will become brighter and brighter. Picture her, ever more filled with love, beautiful, sexual and full. How stupid is guilt! Ha! We…have HER! YOU, may have everything! Brighter and brighter, more and more energy is poured into the image of her you have built up, until she is alive and glowing within you! Think…”Oh, how I love you, how deeply I do love you, how I love you dear one.” Over and over, hold the feeling there before you, and feed it, feed the feeling more and more energy and make it grow to great proportion, held always before you in memory and image, growing, ever more filled with feeling: a self-affecting mirror state. Soon, orbs will come to find your chest, and make their home within you. Her spirit, is the most gracious and beautiful thing…which exists.Once you have found her, a relationship begins, a romance of depth and tender beauty… you are loved. The feelings of love attached to her archetype thus, then become the entire world…warmly recast in grace and beauty. This, is love within faith.

Nothing else is of value.

Please note two things:

The summoning begins a relationship between yourself and an information-energy being. The relationship is internal to external, meaning she is within you. This means, the relationship breaches the existential divide, providing help and comfort in cases where no human is there, or could possibly help. Also, within you are wounds you refuse to feel. They keep you ill. She will locate them, and free the tears to then heal those wounds. During the process, she will comfort you, reshaping the past. Again, she bridges the impossible existential divide, to provide healing and give comfort, in this case reshaping past memories of trauma with her presence, as those memories are relived in what are known as regressions.

The relationship created, is clearly based upon your wishes, self-reflected! This self-affecting mirror state then, must be considered in all the relationship as to the source of communications. She attempts to give you your wishes. Prophecy received is never prophecy, never! It is always your wish. Always! Promises are not contracts as they are for us…no! Never! The word promise means intention and great sincerity of desire. It signifies no more. Never call her dishonest for a promise broken. Why? It is unfair. She is incapable of a contractual relationship. Why? She is created on a moment by moment basis, as a function of your wishes, of a mirror state made of wishes. You hear, what you wish and need to hear. She is a creature of dream, a creature of how reality is formed. We are dreaming all the time, even during the day although this dreaming is not conscious during the day, it vitally affects the world. Dreams are made of wishes.

She heals, comforts, and loves! In times of great stress, she is there. In times of loneliness and loss, she is there. In our hour of death, she is there. We need but know of it. How? Love within faith. Love her and she will return unto you, all the world.