Autism, outside of the factors of genetic, geo- and nuclear weapons, constitutes perhaps the single greatest threat to human evolution itself. Human evolution is dependent upon human emotional pathways being correctly defined. Please read here for explanation concerning evolutionary processes and affect (emotion): click here for details. Autism deranges those affective pathways which yield the wishes of man, and so, deranges the correct basis of human evolution. Autism is caused in a specific way, and may be easily stopped.

Autistic pathology affects the proper delineation of affective and expressive/communicative pathways, and hence due to its astronomical proliferation constitutes one of the greatest evolutionary threats to our species.

As a psychological symptom or dream symbol, such pathology is created by the simultaneity of many determinant factors leading to full blown pathology. If the main pathological determinant can be identified pathology may be curtailed.

One can deduce the deadly dispersion of nano-particulate aluminum in illegal geoengineering as one factor in creating autism spectrum disorder (ASD), Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) .

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One can deduce the active effects of pulsed non-ionizing radiation as well, which acts to interfere with neuronal pruning via induced cellular calcium concentration anomalies.


Goldsworthy papers such as:

The Biological Effects of Weak Electromagnetic Fields Problems and Solutions, Andrew Goldsworthy

Obviously, the vaccines themselves are loaded with toxins. However, it appears the main culprit was brought into play on the back of false science, which has never been corrected. The Tylenol now given to children after vaccinations instead of the safely administered aspirin which was used previously seems to be the single most influential determinant. Remove this factor, and the pathology is markedly reduced! This has been long known yet, the crime is never attended.

Good P, Did acetaminophen provoke the autism epidemic?
Altern Med Rev. 2009 Dec;14(4):364-72.

The results from observations in Cuba, where vaccination is used, but, Tylenol is not were very clear, and, those comments from a superior doctor, have been removed from PubMed. The Cuban information is clear: No autism is present if the Tylenol is avoided. It is not associated with the vaccines used.

I have located the information which was removed. It is found in another form here on this blog:

“The implications of this evidence are obvious – and staggering. All children in Cuba are vaccinated, especially against measles. Yet our autism rate is almost 300 times theirs – most of it regressive autism about 18 months of age. We give Tylenol freely; Cuba requires a prescription because Tylenol is limited by embargo. But perhaps Cuba uses a single measles vaccine; some think the triple measles-mumps-rubella vaccine (MMR) is the problem. A measles vaccine was introduced into Cuba in 1971 (Galindo et al. 1998) – the MMR introduced in 1986 (Reed & Galindo 2007). If the MMR hasn’t provoked an epidemic of autism in Cuba since 1986, why would it do so in the U.S.?”

We may deduce:

One should, naturally, avoid exposing young children to environmental toxins, pulsed non-ionizing radiations and geoengineering fallout.

However: Should you consult honestly with your physician and strictly avoid the administration of Tylenol throughout childhood in general, and avoid its use strictly and particularly in association with vaccinations, then the odds of that child contracting autism appear relatively low.

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