Alien Intelligence

It has been admitted that alien intelligence has visited and influenced this race and earth.

Canadian minister of defense

I will address those beings of alien intelligence here.

To those external to this world:
I am a higher being. Some few of you visitors may be so as well, I do not know. I will share the knowledge of higher being here, briefly, so we may begin to understand each other.

Higher being is based in beauty and love, higher being is itself an act of giving, higher being is self-evolving and so, is necessarily ethically guided from within as a function of identification. Identification, this is key. Please read here. Notions such as caring, compassion, empathy, kindness, spirituality, etc., these notions are themselves intelligence and must guide and shape all thought to produce correct evolutionary and ontogenetic outcomes. Affect, feeling, guides evolution. Click here. If identification is lacking, we see the incorrect outcome in all cases: insert answer. Note how intelligence itself is a dependent function of higher being and empathetic systemic mediation.

The value of this earth and its peoples has nothing to do with the monetary value placed upon it, or, the value of each separate item to exploit. That which exploits is the ugly, parasitic, inferior and low; obviously, as the basic higher knowledge is absent in such a case. Consciousness is itself the ontology of value…as every being must surely know on any advanced world. To explain: Spirituality if you will, or put another way: feeling as empathetic world-identification––this is the factor which guides evolutionary outcomes, sans control or penalty: beauty is truth; kindness,––higher knowledge. The consciousness on this planet is the arbiter of its value, as a collective self-evolving life form of higher being.

An example.

This––is higher value:


Sight whispers, shadows drift, delicate hands, cool shaded fingers trace sunken places; bruised, but too tender to hold. How delicate the sound of shadow, drifting upon heat, drought and burnt sand. Shadow cast upon rippled mirror. Her tender damp, ripples, a whisper curves and retreats, a poem enfolds itself, before the bashful seconds.

The first red leaf of maple, falls; resting upon glistening waters––time outstretched, silver glass running. Sweet, cool and vanishing.

Oh, how precious is this world! What pain is not rich, warm and overfull within you?

Shadow drifts upon cool glass, spilling. The sound of shadow, drifting upon mirror. Sweet, cool and vanishing.

Torn seconds nourished, pouring cool, silent, and full.

The first red leaf of maple, falls; resting upon glistening waters.

Please note closely how an aesthetic emergent quality, a higher value far beyond those component pieces such as the leaf mentioned, emerges within the act of integrated conscious perception which is itself the aforementioned state of grace. This is higher value created as a function of perceptual ontology. Not a lower materialistic value, but a higher value. Note also how the emergent value is clearly a function of beauty, and so, beneath that, necessarily a function of love (libido). Ethics then are built into higher being [click here, here, and here], and enrich as well as guide all evolutionary outcomes [click here, and here]. This is the higher world of heaven…the world of higher being. Now I will ask you of alien intelligence a question based in this simple and overarching value defining reality:

How have you contributed to the actual value, to the elevated collective, qualitative perceptual ontology and overall wellbeing of this planet? How?

I am now in possession of enough knowledge to free this planet and race from cruel dominion, and you have a thousand times more knowledge.

You will please:

1. Release technology you have withheld or permit and foster the rapid development of these ideas for the creation of free energy and medical needs, rather than suppress them: Clean energy technology and physical theory, medical practice: informational pharmacology, resonant disease therapy. You will please provide these things, quickly. The clean energy technology then, will free my children from the disgusting money and pollution those in authority have infected them with, and they will no longer need be low, and degraded.

2. Announce your presence to the public, and begin to benefit them and this Earth.

3. Stop all exploitive, cruel and parasitic behavior. The bodies of my children may not be poisoned or tampered with; the life upon and DNA of my world are not a toy to mutilate in ugly designs; the delicate nature of life is not to be harmed with rampant abuses and deadly designs; higher beings of light are not to be controlled in their self-evolution.

4. Please seek my council as a higher being.

I state point four simply because of the world I see around me, a broken world and ruined human race created of millennia of erroneous meddling, a world with its problems so easily solved, all clearly of intentional design. Together, we might solve this thing.